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My portfolio

Have a look at some of my samples. This way, you can get a better feel for my writing style.

Wine Label Copywriting

Wine Label Project

Describing wine is technical. You have to be as descriptive as possible with a restricted number of words, but it’s so fun and oh so elegant!

Magazine Copywriting

Education Article

This article explores the rise of online teaching and how it has and will affect teachers in the future. What will the modern classroom look like to the upcoming generations?

Flask Element Copy

Element Flask

Describing a product is a balance between features and benefits. You want to present what your product is all about and how it will benefit your customers.

Blog Post Copy

Udacity Blog Post

Learning from Udacity was a blessing. I wanted a deeper understanding of digital marketing before launching my copywriting practice. Read how Udacity changed my outlook on life!

Website Copy Health

Fitness Center Website Copy

Designing an entire site from scratch is no easy feat, but it’s so good when the results are stunning. BFS Boxing has been killing it since I updated their sitemap and entire website copy.

App Copy Project

App Sales Page

This project was a jump into the unknown. Even though I use apps daily, I was shocked to learn how beneficial they can be for businesses. After a great amount of research, I found B2B advertising to be pretty fun and exciting.

I’m always looking for a new challenge. Contact me now with any project ideas!