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Website Copy | BFS Boxing

23% increased conversion rate in 3 months

In the beginning...

A great kickboxing master was retaining customers with his skills and knowledge but struggled to bring in new members with his website. He needed someone with the copy skills that matched his knowledge of spin kicks and punching combos.

After a short time...

Less than three months later his gym was booming. He had to open new classes because of the increased demand for his knowledge. His website, which had become a relic, was turned into a conversion machine that was pumping out more inquiries than he could handle.

How it was done:

– Researching the target customers

– Finding their pain points

– Adding a conversational tone of voice

– Catchy headlines

– Punchy subheaders

– Clear structure

– Irresistible calls-to-action

Click the link to check the site:


Content Creation | TicketsCandy


TicketsCandy, a startup ticketing solution, needed a long-term writer with SEO knowledge to help them with their blog. Working in a fiercely competitive industry, each blog post had to be rich in content – minimum of 2000 words. Technical in nature, the language needed to be jargon-free and easily digestible.


Build authority in the ticketing industry by putting out valuable articles. In addition, one of the main goals was to appear at the top of Google search results to boost the site’s ranking.


Several articles rank on Google’s first page for extremely competitive keywords. Two articles outrank Ticketmaster, Eventbrite, and Stubhub for the phrase “how to sell tickets online.”

Have a look at some of the entries:

Product Descriptions | SaveOnCannabis


A long-time coupon website, SaveOnCannabis had to revamp 500+ product descriptions. Containing a copious amount of duplicate content, the site’s SEO score was quickly declining. Each product description had to be rewritten and capture the essence and tone of voice used by each brand.


a) Rewrite each product description’s main sections: about the brand, popular products, and featured products.

b) Improve the site’s SEO score.

c) Write compelling copy that persuades readers to use the site’s coupons when purchasing a product.


A significant increase in SEO score, better rank on Google search results, and a boost in website traffic.

Check them out:

Landing Page Concept | Audiobox

The Concept

Create a landing page for a fictional ebook company. The concept was crafted for a solution-aware target customer on the fence about switching to ebooks.

The Elements

Punchy, catchy copy that hits the reader with intrigue. The headline invokes a sense of curiosity. The body challenges the reader with a question and highlights Audiobox’s benefits. The call to action is straightforward, clear, and hard to pass up.

Email Sequence Concept | SmootherU

The Concept

Create two emails for a fictional beauty product line. The first is a promo email putting forward a special discount. The second is a lead-nurturing email in response to a survey that the clients completed.

The Elements

Vibrant, quirky copy that speaks to the reader in relaxed and friendly tone of voice. Sentences are short, punchy, easy to read, and highly engaging.