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Writing good copy is hard.
I make it easy for you.

I’m a direct-response copywriter specializing in the lifestyle and SaaS industries. I use proven copywriting techniques and my flair for understanding your audience to craft irresistible copy that sells.

"A truly fantastic freelancer who is not only reliable but a great writer and true member of the team.”
Bradley Ungar
Owner @
Spellbind your customers with powerful copywriting

Spellbind casual web surfers

Having a great product or service doesn’t guarantee your brand’s success. You need to entice your leads with words that will make them want to choose you over the competition. Let’s combine your products/services with my copywriting skills to entrance your readers and convert them into customers.

What I can do for YOU

Compelling copy that moves your readers in the right direction

Website Copy

Landing Pages

Email Sequences

Ad Campaigns

Blog Posts

Better copywriting means more money.

Better copy,
Higher profits

Good copywriting isn’t about crafting beautiful sentences. It’s about empowering your readers to believe in your brand and what it offers. I write powerful copy designed to grow your business and make it more profitable.

"Alex is an excellent writer. Without a doubt. He not only writes, but he also does research, spends time understanding and editing where needed.”
Gordon Thieme
Chef Editor @
Connect with your customers with copy that sells.

Connect with your customers

Help your customers understand who you are and what your stand for through storytelling. Let me tell your story using copy that pulls at your readers’ emotional strings to trigger them into taking action on your offers.

About me.

It was after a teacher-parent conference that I became Sir Alex.

Let me explain.

You see, before becoming a copywriter, I was an English teacher. Our school had a strict policy: students had to call their teachers Mr., Miss. or Mrs. followed by their first names.

So, I was known as Mr. Alex to my students.

During parent-teacher conferences I encouraged parents to call me Alex. Most obliged except one father.

Our first conversation went a little like this:

Sir, I’d like to talk about my son’s homework.

Please, just call me Alex.

Ok. Sir Alex, I would like to talk about my son’s homework.

I laughed. But I didn’t correct him and that’s how he referred to me for as long as I taught his son.

I thought it was hilarious, loved the way it sounded, and so I chose Sir Alex Copy when I started my freelancing business.

But you can call me Alex!

Copywriter at Work

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